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    Motorola is an industry leader in simulcast system solutions with more mission critical systems fully operational in the field than any other LMR systems provider. The G-series site equipment is designed with simulcast system design and functionality in mind. GTR 8000 Base Radios feature a linear modulation (LSM) that provides industry-leading P25 coverage in VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz and 900 MHz. LSM enables simulcast systems to be deployed with greater site spacing without sacrificing coverage or capability, resulting in fewer sites to build and maintain. It also allows current systems to deploy IP-based simulcast without the need to add fill-in sites.

    nformation Assurance capabilities are standard with G-series equipment and can be configured or disabled depending on your specific system maintenance and security requirements. G-series products provide the necessary boundary defense capabilities required in mission critical infrastructure today including local user accounts and password controls, user privilege model support (two levels), local and remote access services controls, secure shell services support, SNMPv3, central authentication, general operating system and network services hardening, and device test services controls.

    G-series site equipment has many features built in to support ease of service. Six basic modules create the entire G-series platform resulting in reduced spare parts inventory. Modules have front access to improve serviceability with hot-swap support to ensure channels are back on the air in minimum possible time. Standard Battery Revert and Charging capability is built into every G-series power supply. Integrating these capability eliminates the need for a large uninterrupted power supply and saves valuable site space.

    A built-in GPS with frequency reference distribution is optionally available on the GTR 8000 Expandable Site Subsystem, which can significantly reduce or eliminate site visits.

    Software upgrades are more stable and performed with less downtime in the GTR 8000 base radio. One version of software can run actively while another version is downloading. Using a remote IP connection, the user can decide when to switch between the two versions of software allowing the system manager to prepare for software downloads. 

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Product Description

Meet today’s demand for IP networks and P25 radio operations with the high performance GTR 8000 Base Radio / Expandable Site Subsystem. The GTR 8000 offers software-based upgrades and migrations, no single point of failure, hot swap hardware, front access serviceability, and integrated battery charging. Its state of the art compact design enables everything from basic Analog Conventional to advanced P25 TDMA Trunking on the same hardware. The GTR 8000 ships tuned from the factory for quick and easy deployment. The reliability and serviceability of Motorola's full-featured flagship solution makes it ideal for mission critical ASTRO 25 systems.



    ASTRO® 25 Trunking
    GTR 8000 Expandable Site Subsystem (ESS), Motorola's premier turnkey RF site design, provides the optimal P25 trunking solution for easy installation and high availability. All base radios, networking equipment, timing and frequency distribution, RF combining and multi-coupler equipment are factory integrated into a single rack or cabinet.

    ASTRO® 25 Data
    Motorola's Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) in ASTRO® 25 trunking and conventional systems as well as High Performance Data (HPD) are supported by the GTR 8000. Voice and data transmissions switch dynamically on the same base radio for ease of use.

    ASTRO® 25 & Analog Conventional
    Motorola's Conventional channel solutions range from small single repeater sites to wide-area coverage voting and simulcast systems. The GTR 8000 Base Radio's high performing analog capabilities enable narrow-banding migrations that maximize audio performance.

    3600 Trunking
    The GTR 8000 base radio supports 3600 trunking operation, enabling new future-ready base radios to be added to existing SmartZone systems with SmartX. The GTR 8000 is software upgradeable to P25 trunking when the time is right to migrate to P25. 3600 trunking operation is available on both simulcast and IntelliRepeater systems, in either analog or digital mode.


    Maximum Coverage
    Multisite Linear Simulcast offers industry-leading coverage with fewer sites

    Receive Diversity
    Two branch diversity receiver expands talk-in coverage for HPD and TDMA trunking

    Superior Audio
    100 ppb frequency stability directly enhances analog audio performance

    Dual Connections
    All channels remain online and on air in the event of a network switch or timing/frequency reference failure

    Battery Revert and Charging
    Eliminates need for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in many installations

    Easy Install
    Ships factory aligned ready for installation

    Hot Swap Hardware
    Service and replace hardware without system down-time

    Online Software Download
    Download software while online and fully operational

    Front Serviceable
    Perform all servicing from the front of the station

    Compact Hardware
    Standalone deployment utilizes a 3 rack unit chassis

    Reduced Number of Racks and Cabling
    Expandable Site Subsystem conserves power and space by integrating controllers, switches, cavity combining, TX filtering, multicouplers & preselectors into one vertical cabinet/rack

    Front Access Connections
    Install within inches of the wall and save valuable site space

    Future Ready
    No new hardware required to convert for narrow-banding, from conventional to trunking, from 3600 trunking to P25 trunking, from FDMA to TDMA, or from single to multi-site configurations

    Software Defined Radio
    Upgrade to new functionality through software updates and configuration changes

    Password Protected
    Password-only, user/password, and RADIUS server authentication configurations are supported

    Secure Connectivity
    Secure SNMPv3 and secure shell (SSH) IP connectivity provided with Microsoft Windows® Configuration Service Software

    Robust, Hardened IP Stack
    Built to comply with Department of Defense STIGs for secure network communications


    System Types
    • P25 Conventional and Trunking, 3600 Trunking, Analog Conventional
    • Site Repeater, Voting, Simulcast and Multicast Configurations
    • ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice & Data (IV&D)
    • High Performance Data (HPD)

    Frequency Bands
    • 900 MHz (ESS Only)
    • 700/800 MHz
    • UHF Range 2 (435-524 MHz)
    • UHF Range 1 (380-435 MHz)
    • VHF (136-174 MHz)

    • Analog FM (12.5kHz, 25kHz)
    • Linear Simulcast
    • P25 FDMA (C4FM)
    • P25 TDMA (6.25kHz Trunking Only)
    • Mixed Mode Analog/Digital

    Network Connectivity
    • IP
    • V.24 Digital (Motorola DIU and ASTRO-TAC 3000 interfaces)
    • Analog Wireline (2-wire, 4-wire or 8-wire)


Need help? Contact Us for Customized Solutions.

Let’s discuss the complexity of your project.

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