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    The SRX 2200 Combat Radio is designed specifically for tactical and base personnel, with an array of special features that are battle-tested and military-trusted.

    For example, to protect radio communications from the most aggressive adversaries, the SRX 2200 is tamperproof and features FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validation. The 256 bit AES encryption, along with Tactical and P25 Over-The-Air-Rekeying” (OTAR), ensure that personnel have access to updated encryption keys for secure voice and data communications. Even text messaging on the SRX 2200 is AES encrypted for extra security. And you can protect the integrity of your system if any radio is lost or stolen by remotely disabling it with the tactical inhibit feature.

    For added discretion and low detection, every SRX 2200 radio includes ultra-low power operation, the ability to disable lights and tones, and dimmable top and front displays that can be used with night vision goggles. 


    Leading a patrol or launching a military response, soldiers need to communicate clearly and the SRX 2200 responds. It’s equipped with the latest Advanced Multi-Band Excitation (AMBE) digital vocoder and dual microphones to locate the talker while it cancels out background noise.

    The SRX 2200 is P25 Phase 2 TDMA-capable for twice the voice capacity so you can add more personnel without adding frequencies or infrastructure. Backward- and forwardcompatible with all deployed Motorola radio systems and with RF specifications that handle the harshest environments, this radio is outfitted for immediate use. 


    Rugged as the mission, the SRX 2200 uses a COTS-based, proven digital platform, so soldiers can “grab-and-go” with no additional training required. A large control top with well-spaced knobs and easy-read top display are comfortable to use, even with gloves on.

    Blowing sand, dust, and water submersion, this durable, coyotecolored radio meets the most rigorous military specs. Plus, a multi-unit charger allows you to charge your SRX 2200 radios at higher temperatures, critical in desert climates. 

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Product Description

Choppers roaring. Cargo trucks rumbling. Wind howling. In the heat of action, soldiers depend upon every word being heard and every transmission being understood. They need a rugged, reliable radio with crystal-clear and secure communication that stands up to the harshest environments, loudest noises and longest hours.
They require a military-specific radio as advanced as their mission. Compact, yet power-packed with easy-to-locate controls and a large, top display.

The SRX 2200 delivers battle-ready features such as embedded Individual Location Information (ILI), night vision goggle compatibility, tactical inhibit, FIPS validated encryption for secure voice and data communications and radioto-radio text messaging for superior discretion.

The SRX 2200 Combat Radio delivers it all – in a rugged “grab and go” unit that’s ready for action and built to last, from base to battlefield. 



    Battle-tested and military-trusted, the Motorola SRX 2200 Combat Radio is built on secure, reliable COTS solutions that are proven tough in the harshest environments. The SRX 2200 is backward and forward compatible with all Motorola mission-critical radio systems, including the latest Project 25 (P25) standards for interoperability.

    • Full tactical and data capabilities support the mission wherever warfighters operate – in new geography, challenging topography or areas without networks. With an 80 dB receiver, the SRX 2200 has greater coverage and improved audio quality compared to other radios in its class.
    • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated encryption capability for secure voice and data communications – the SRX 2200 is compliant with Department of Defense standards for APCO waveforms and encryption and meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 security, allowing for deployment in the most sensitive operations.
    • Combining Motorola’s experience with AN/PRC 153 and P25 standard-compliant portables, the SRX 2200 can be deployed without additional spectrum or infrastructure.
    • With P25 compatibility, warfighters can rely on the same SRX 2200 radio when they return to base system, saving the additional training, maintenance or logistical costs that are incurred when supporting multiple radios.
    • The SRX 2200 delivers a full suite of communications-ready features and applications, such as secure encrypted voice and text messaging and over the air programming (OTAP), and individual location information (ILI).
    • The SRX 2200 exceeds the IP67 submersion specification and can be submerged in two meters of water for two hours. It also meets the rigorous MIL 810 specifications. The multi-unit charger enables rapid charging of the radio at higher temperatures, including desert conditions.
    • Includes battle-ready features such as embedded Individual Location Information (ILI), Clear Tone Alert, 0.25-watt transmission for low detection (UHFR1 only), tactical over-the-air rekey (OTAR), radio-to-radio text messaging for superior discretion, tactical radio inhibit to remotely disable radios and night vision goggle compatibility.


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