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Scope of Work
Sets up a clear deliverable, with clear understanding of the associated costs.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Schedule and Responsibility Matrix
Coordinate and fully defines project ownership, timing and overall responsibilities.

Project Kickoff Meeting
Establish processes and guidelines for project execution, scope expectations, as well as clear acceptance criteria.

Five phases: Initiation, planning, implementation, controlling and close-out 
Apply industry-accepted Project Management process to methodically lead project implementation.

Management of internal and external project resources, deliverables and stakeholders 
Provide a single point of contact and accountability, freeing up your other resources.

Elimination of surprises, with everyone on the same page
Use contract design reviews, milestone acceptance checkpoints and final acceptance reviews; track project according to project plan and report status, progress and issues.

Completion of project based on the scope, budget and schedule
Minimize risks of cost overruns; maximize on-schedule and in-scope completeness.

Historical record and completed documented project specifics 
Deliver all project documentation, checklists, diagrams, change orders, analysis and recommendations for future improvements via a “Lessons Learned” session. 

  • Maximize current capabilities
  • Get better monitoring and analysis
  • More reliable, secure connections