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Expert management and control of your mobile device assets
Improves the availability of mobile hand-held devices within your enterprise, allowing your employees to do their job as efficiently as possible while you focus on your core business

Simplified processes for fault resolution
Knowledgeable helpdesk staff, integrated repair procedures, remote trouble-shooting and issue resolution with minimal end-user involvement leads to higher percentage of first touch resolution and faster return to full operability

Seamless software rollout and version control
Remotely update, manage and control how and when your device software is updated; helps keep your devices functioning optimally and securely

Increased operational efficiency
The tools, resources and expertise necessary to deliver the service are included in one fixed budgeted cost

Greener Footprint
Increased first touch resolution and onsite diagnosis and resolution means less devices sent out for unnecessary repair – with an associated reduction in shipping and transport logistics

Customized to meet your requirements, whether one location, multiple locations, or all locations

  • Software and firmware enhancements
  • Feature restoration and testing
  • Loaner equipment availability