Our Tactical Approach to Solutions

When you select Ewing as a provider, your project receives our highest level of attention, regardless of its scale or complexity. From its initial launch to its completion, every stage of your project is handled with the utmost discretion, regard and quality of service.

Our projects begin by addressing your communication needs as a client, whether that means finding a solution for an existing problem, or providing assistance for an update or expansion. Ewing then assembles a dedicated team that analyzes and defines your requirements even further.

Once solutions that either meet or exceed your expectations are identified, our team issues a proposal on the equipment and services that will accomplish your objectives.

Note: All installations conform to Motorola’s current (R56) Guidelines for Communications Sites, which specifies strict standards and practices to be followed for secure, high-grade and efficient site development and installation.

Your Projects Lifecycle

The following briefly outlines the services comprising every project:


Ewing meets with your design and technical staff to accurately pinpoint and outline every issue or requirement. Our team helps define the products needed or the systems solution that best fits your needs and budget.


The full scope of your project is organized by our team, where we propose clear deliverables and timelines for each stage.


One or more solutions for your project are presented, fully aligned with your needs and budget.


Our team meets with you to discuss the project plan and deliverables while laying out the responsibilities of all parties.


Roles and responsibilities are further defined, including those of the subcontractor, and points of contact are identified for all stakeholders.


A project meeting is held for establishing clear processes and guidelines for your plan’s execution, expectations and clear acceptance criteria.


Your project is tracked at every milestone, using contract design, acceptance checkpoints and final reviews to inform project status and progress.


Your project is thoroughly inspected before closing to ensure adherence to its original scope, budget, schedule and confirm its overall completeness.


Our team delivers all project documentation, checklists, diagrams, change orders, analysis and recommendations in a final after-project session.