Department of Defense

Department of Defense

Secure Networks & Reliable Communications. Mission Accomplished.

The success of every operation hinges on a few critical elements. If one of them fails, advantages may be lost. Now more than ever, you need a level of communications security and reliability on pace with the advancements taking place in today’s Department of Defense.

As an Elite Federal Platinum Channel Partner of Motorola Solutions, Inc., Ewing provides cutting-edge solutions in communications equipment and installations that meet or exceed every Military branch’s requirements. Because we depend on you, you can depend on us to seamlessly connect your people, assets and information—in the air and on the ground—securely and without interruption.

Mission-Critical Effectiveness

Regardless of the event or objective, Ewing Engineered Solutions answers the call of our nation’s Warfighters, delivering state-of-the-art equipment that ensures optimal readiness and safeguarding of information.

We provide:

Land Mobile Radios

When extraordinary circumstances demand real-time solutions, Ewing is prepared to offer the coverage you require to support your Mission—whatever you need or wherever we are needed. And we pledge to see every project through to its full completion.

Information Assurance

Motorola’s Information Assurance (IA) program ensures the integrity and availability of your land mobile radio IP infrastructure, meeting every aspect of federal enterprise goals, mandates and applicable security regulations. (FISMA, DIACAP, HIPAA and NIST)

Command & Control Operations

Ewing offers a wide spectrum of IP-based dispatch consoles that easily integrate into existing systems and programs to provide you with an enhanced ability to manage information and make intelligent decisions.

Wireless Broadband

Our broadband networks range from WLAN with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 encryption to Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Ethernet bridges and mesh networks to provide support in an array of high bandwidth functions, including voice, video and beyond.

Deployable Communications

Ewing makes mobilization simple by providing a broad range of scalable and interoperable communication solutions. From “jump and run kits” to complete trailer-mounted radio systems, our deployable solutions integrate effortlessly with existing mobile radio systems or operate as self-contained networks.

Repair & Maintenance

Strategically located in 28 countries and across 7 continents, Ewing’s network of Service Partners is second to none. In the United States alone, more than 900 Motorola-certified service facilities are fully equipped to provide rapid repair and maintenance support to our country’s Warfighters at a moment’s notice. And with depot facilities dedicated exclusively to the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies, specialized assistance is always at the ready. So you can trust that regardless of your location, we are there too.

Federal Secure Support Center

In compliance with Information Assurance requirements, all remote monitoring, technical support and customer dispatch services for the Department of Defense is conducted within Motorola’s Federal Secure Support Center.

This facility:

  • Operates in accordance with U.S. Government and DoD NISPOM guidelines
  • Is secured with multiple physical access controls and video surveillance
  • Support staff is required to maintain appropriate government clearances
  • Support staff only has access to data relevant to their position and clearance
  • Has separate monitoring and case management databases on an isolated network
  • Uses encrypted connectivity in the provision of all remote management services

Managed Zone Core Services

Zone Core hardware is also available as a cost-effective solution for every branch of the Military, providing access to a P25 call processing voice and data backbone that’s interconnected to local RF sites so you can secure advanced P25 features.