Motorola Solutions APX and ASTRO P25 Two Way Radios for the US Federal Government

Millions of first responders in thousands of agencies across the world trust Motorola Solutions Two Way Radios to keep them safe. Every day, we leverage decades of experience and innovation to bring you the very best in life-saving communications technology. Choose Ewing to deliver everything you need: from ultra-reliable two-way radios to a complete turn-key system.​

The APX Advantage

When lives depend on you, there’s no room for error. Motorola Solutions mission-critical APX radios exist for this purpose.

Hear and be heard

Clear communications can make the difference between life and death. Hear and be heard with clarity. Your message will get through.

Outlast and perform

Reliable communications are non-negotiable for first responders. That’s why APX radios are built for extreme durability.

Intelligence in action

More than simple radios, APX gives you the sophisticated features and capabilities you need in an increasingly complex world.

Protect yourself

More than ever, your security is being put to the test. Make your calls private, secure and confidential.

Made for the mission

When lives depend on your actions, you can’t be distracted by complexity. APX is intuitive and easy to use.

The support you need

Complete control, guaranteed outcomes, low risk, or high flexibility. Choose the package that’s right for you.

Experience our Mission Critical Solutions

Ewing Delivers the Complete P25 Solution

With the Motorola Solutions portfolio of radios, infrastructure, dispatch consoles and software applications, Ewing can build you a complete communications system.


When lives depend on you, you need the reliability and performance of a mission-critical communication device in your hand.


Invest in equipment that can scale with your needs, from a single channel to a statewide, multi-agency communication system.


Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster. Choose from our portfolio of consoles and keep your teams safe.

Software Applications

Add the intelligence you need to increase efficiency, secure your communications and keep your personnel safe.

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Our mission at Ewing Engineered Solutions (Ewing) is to be the best at what we do and every single day our actions demonstrate this firm commitment. Although continuing as the leader in providing Motorola communications systems to the U.S. Federal Government is imperative, Ewing continues to strive to define the gold standard for products and services in our industry. No challenge is ever too great, because we know that obstacles are just another opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities — as a company and as individuals, to accomplish our mission. Ewing is more than a supplier of exceptional products and services, we are a team whose values are deeply entrenched in the same standards and principles of those we serve. This is how we have grown for over 40 years.
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