Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission at Ewing Engineered Solutions (Ewing) is to be the best at what we do and every single day our actions demonstrate this firm commitment. Although continuing as the leader in providing Motorola communications systems to the U.S. Federal Government is imperative, Ewing continues to strive to define the gold standard for products and services in our industry. No challenge is ever too great, because we know that obstacles are just another opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities — as a company and as individuals, to accomplish our mission. Ewing is more than a supplier of exceptional products and services, we are a team whose values are deeply entrenched in the same standards and principles of those we serve. This is how we have grown for over 38 years.

Our Vision

Our vision is built on the standards and principles we uphold, making our state-of-the-art products only as good as the men and women who provide world-class services to support them.

From planning to completion, our vision arises from four primary values that define our organization.


Every member of our team operates at the highest level of ethics and honor at all times, both with our customers and among our own workforce. Ewing’s success has never come through compromise — it has only been accomplished by working diligently and honestly.


Ewing’s partnership with Motorola ensures products of the utmost quality, yet this same level of quality exists in our performance and our people. We believe second-best is unacceptable, so we’ve made it our promise to always provide the first-class products and services you deserve.


Every member of the Ewing team feels a clear responsibility for making positive contributions in the local, national and global community. As a company, we are proud to serve in an assisting capacity, and give some measure of support to those at home and around the world.


We are extremely fortunate to employ some of the most innovative and gifted individuals in the industry. Their single objective has always been to develop out-of-the-box solutions for our clients — and it’s because of their talents and resources we can call ourselves a leading mission-critical communications systems provider.