Motorola PMNN4486 IMPRES 2 Li-Ion Battery, 3400mAh Typical

Model Number:  PMNN4486

IMPRES 2 Li-Ion Battery, 3400mAh Typical

Designed for and certified with APX to deliver radio performance as specified. Delivers IMPRES 2 long life benefits when maintained with IMPRES 2 charger solutions. Enables APX device to survive the harshest of environmental conditions, such as two meter total submersion up to four hours, without compromising performance. If not deployed in 30 days follow Battery Care Tips to prevent battery degradation.

Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy System generation 2, IMPRES(TM) 2, is a battery – device – charger system solution delivering Mission Critical dependable performance. An IMPRES 2 charger – such as NNTN8844 MultiUnitCharger, the NNTN8860 SingleUnitCharger, or the NNTN7624 single unit rapid rate vehicular charger – with proprietary Motorola Solutions algorithms increases the battery cell manufacturer’s rated number of full charge/full discharge cycles up to 60%, and is backed by Motorola Solutions’ 24 month capacity warranty – see Battery Warranty Statement. Compatible with original IMPRES(TM) chargers sofware version 3.11 or newer. Certified with the APX device to deliver Mission Critical performance in the harshest environments. Proven Tough construction with a 48 month workmanship warranty.


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Performance Characteristics

Performance Characteristics

Chemistry: LI-ION 3400 MAH

Intrinsic Safety Rating: NO RATING

IP Rating: IP68

Technology: IMPRES 2

Type: Battery

Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Weight (LB-Pound): 0.418

Dimensions (IN-Inch): 1.63 (W) 3.38 (H) 2.25 (L)

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